No Matter your technology and customer requirements, we’ll strive to ensure you have the right customer experience design, strategy, and personnel to provide your customers with the experience your brand promises to deliver.

Global Network Security Solutions Specialists

Along with the ever-evolving technological world, the threat of network breaches are becoming more sophisticated and more costly. C-Lect works with providers from email, WAF, pen testing, DDoS protection and security as a service, to ensure your network is secure from malicious attacks.

What is your security plan?

Data breaches are inevitable in today’s constantly evolving online world. Is your plan reactive or proactive? The average number of days for a breach to be detected is 49.6. What information could be at risk and how do you mitigate the damage? We can help you protect your company from the embarrassment of an attack and minimize the liability and possible exposure of your clients information. We’ll ensure your network is up to date with the latest software and hardware protections while advising you on specific challenge areas or internal operations that may be targeted for a breach. Connect with us now to schedule an initial consultation.

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Securing your network

Don’t wait until a data breach to ensure your network is secured from backdoor Trojans, viruses, and data theft. We offer efficient, effective and affordable software and hardware solutions that will ensure your data access is limited to those who need it most while streamlining their connectivity to avoid delays. From DDoS attacks, IoT firewalls and antivirus monitoring to customized managed IT services, we’ll strive to see you have true peace of mind.

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UCaaS and Contact Center Solutions

Clients looking to reduce cost, improve functionality and agility, are moving more and more to hosted environments. We can source the right solution for your company. Our tailored approach to learning about your specific needs for today, as well as tomorrow’s growth, ensures our clients pay for the solution that’s right for them. Let us help design a solution for your team.

Flexible, affordable and reliable voice services

The decision to migrate to the cloud isn’t a one solution fits all. Every company has different needs, time frames and budgets. All cloud providers are not the same and we can assist in navigating between providers to find the best solution for your needs. Managed services offers a unique opportunity for companies to have a team of industry experts working on your behalf. Whether you are looking at a one time project or an ongoing need, C-Lect can match you up with the experts you are looking for.

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Mobile accessibility

Whether your team is on the road, across the country or in the office next door, we offer exceptional multi-platform access to your network that

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Our Signature Managed Services

C-Lect works with global carriers to provide our clients with end-to-end solutions. If you are looking to redesign or enhance your current network design, we have companies ready to provide their expertise in SD WAN, MPLS, edge computing and content delivery. If you need local domestic or local services, we have the solutions provider for you.

Contact center functionality, full SD-WAN integration

SD-WAN performance ensures your network can handle any customer connection or application quickly and effectively. We can help boost your internet connectivity with customized VoIP software and hardware, user interface upgrades, and improved mobile data speeds, allowing your team and your clients to reach you quickly wherever they’re located. Our cloud-based infrastructure enhancements are fully-redundant, secure against breaches, and scalable to your business’ needs at a moment’s notice. Contact us today to learn how we can best serve you.

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High-speed communication solutions

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